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August 2012 – July 2013

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Avrasya Maratonu/Eurasia Marathon

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The Eurasia Marathon is the only race crossing two continents and I could not miss seeing Jonathan run the 8 kilometer race! This is the only time that the Bosphorus bridge is closed and I managed to get on the bridge to take some photos. Then I walked the course to the 8km finish line to meet Jonathan and a few other English teachers who ran the race too — you can see them all biting their medals ­čÖé

Jonathan and I are now talking about a race in Iznik next April. It’s supposed to be a very beautiful course through the woods. I’m going to have to start training for the 10km race soon!


A new workplace

I’ve completed my first week at Fatih Koleji- meeting teachers, administrators, and filling my back pocket with fun communication games!┬áDave’s ESL cafe and Shambles ESL & English Games have been great sources for ideas. The school is launching a new bilingual curriculum for the kindergarteners and I have been looking over the materials chosen by the administration overseeing the curriculum. There are a few teachers who worked to pilot this program last year and they have also given resources to the rest of the Kindergarten teachers at various campuses.

The kindergarteners and their parents were at the school this week, adjusting to their new environment, and I was very happy to meet them before the official first day: September 17th ­čÖé I am working in the kindergarten classes with one other native English speaker, also from the American midwest. The employees at the school have welcomed us into the school with kind words and plenty of food! It’s going to be a great year!

My first time in Asia


On the ferry from┬áBe┼čikta┼č to Kad─▒k├Ây!

Istanbul is the only city that covers two continents: Europe and Asia. The city was first connected by the Bosphorus Bridge in 1973.

There are a few ways for me to get from my neighborhood in ┼×i┼čli┬áto the Asian side of Istanbul. I’m still trying to figure out how to travel around the city because of its extremely large size and several┬átransportation methods.┬áWhen my roommate Brooke and I went to the popular Kad─▒k├Ây pazar (market) this past Tuesday, we┬áfound it best to take a combination of the metro train and dolmus (minibus) to the Be┼čikta┼č┬áseaport, jump on a ferry to Kad─▒k├Ây, and walk or taxi to the pazar. Yes, it may sound simple, but when I say we “found it best” I mean we had to get lost several times to figure out the easiest path! There was plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing and household items. Brooke and I bought fresh vegetables for a dinner salad and we certainly didn’t forget olives!

I’m excited to visit other markets around town, especially the one in my neighborhood. Here is an article in the Guardian about the 10 best markets in Istanbul.

Kad─▒k├Ây pazar:


I’ve arrived in my new city!


Three bags (37lbs; 40lbs; 18lbs)

I successfully prepared for my move during the month of August! Packing, shopping, research, and many e-mails and phone calls have paid off. The U.S. Department of State website has been extremely helpful for traveling and moving information.

This morning I’ve been settling into my apartment while I wait for the DHL to bring my mail. Once they arrive I will be on a mission to purchase a cell phone and calling plan so I can communicate with my roommate and fellow teachers. I’ve been dependent on e-mail and Facebook the last two days. After the running errands and exploring my neighborhood these next two days, I will begin┬áthe first orientation seminar Sunday and prepare for my teaching position at Fatih Koleji!

Thanks to my Mom for buying me a phrasebook/dictionary, I have used the following Turkish words thus far: Merhaba (Hello); Te┼čekk├╝r ederim (Thank you); Ho┼č├ža cal (Goodbye)

Apartment Photos:




View from the back of the apt.

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