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August 2012 – July 2013

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And here are my students

In pictures they look so sweet! And they are sweet, but having 60 of them at once can be a handful- especially when you’re on a field trip and the possibility of loosing one is great. The first field trip was a visit to the mansion of first president of the Turkish republic, Ataturk, located in the Marmara sea. I was not allowed to take photos inside the house, but you can see how the view was the best part of the house. In the slideshow you can also see us doing some body painting to document the students’ hands and footprints. Our second field trip was to the aquarium! This was such a fun trip and the kids were psyched about the fish. The entire afternoon I loved listening to the kids try to communicate their excitement to me in English, “teacher-water!”, “teacher-fish!”, “teacher- swim!”

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Christmastime in Istanbul and Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Christmas was busy with friends, good food and new sites. Went to the lively holiday work party with other teacher friends and then escaped from Turkey for four days to visit Plovdiv, Bulgaria! Jonathan, Euan, Brooke, and I had an amazing time relaxing in the old town, drinking our fair share of mulled wine, shopping and enjoying Christmas tunes. The serenity of Plovdiv was certainly a refreshing break from Istanbul and I’d jump at the opportunity to go back.

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