Living In Istanbul

August 2012 – July 2013

Christmastime in Istanbul and Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Christmas was busy with friends, good food and new sites. Went to the lively holiday work party with other teacher friends and then escaped from Turkey for four days to visit Plovdiv, Bulgaria! Jonathan, Euan, Brooke, and I had an amazing time relaxing in the old town, drinking our fair share of mulled wine, shopping and enjoying Christmas tunes. The serenity of Plovdiv was certainly a refreshing break from Istanbul and I’d jump at the opportunity to go back.

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One thought on “Christmastime in Istanbul and Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  1. Aunt Marilyn on said:

    Hi Sweetheart !!!!
    So glad to receive these posts…………..the pictures were great!!!! I had no idea they celebrated Christmas like that just shows my lack of knowledge. So glad all is going you can well imagine Istanbul has been in the news constantly here in this area with this woman from Staten Island being murdered there sadly somehow I think there’s more to that story. Nothing much going on here.actually er are actually having a Winter and it has been snowy and cold here. Today and yesterday we have had tremendous winds!!!!! I am so glad that you were able to have this experience and will have the memories for a life time!!!!! I so look forward to these posts………………Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love forever to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Marilyn

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