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Exploring the west coast of Turkey: Bodrum and Etrim

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Topping the hill at Yokuşbaşı, you’ll see Bodrum;

Do not ever think you will return as you came,

The ones before you were the same;

They all left with their minds in Bodrum

-The Fisherman of Halicarnassus

It is true that I now have a high standard of seaside beauty. Bodrum has the most beautiful harbor that captures the sunset. My roommate Brooke and I went there to explore and meet her friend Zeynep (“Zee”) living outside the city. Fortunately, we have missed the busy season and Zee could show us around the town without difficulty. Brooke was talking about how badly she wanted a Turkish carpet and Zee invited us to her village to see if her neighbor had carpets that may interest her. We had no idea that she was taking us to THE carpet place for Milas carpets made in the region. We were welcomed into the home of her neighbor with lunch, wine made in the area, instructions on how to make the Turkish double knot in weaving, and of course, the careful examination of hundreds of carpets. Brooke and I both ended up purchasing rugs that appeal to our souls and cherishing a day of Turkish hospitality.

The Tomb of Maussolos, King of Caria, was on the list of must-see sights in Bodrum and you can see the miniature recreation of how the original architecture appeared. In the central part of Bodrum Brooke and I also visited the Museum of Underwater Archaeology in the Bodrum Castle. It’s one of the largest museums of its kind and displays a variety of jewels, coins, fishing tools, glass bottles, and other treasures! Some of the pictures from the top of the castle are breathtaking and I hope you enjoy them 🙂


I can make Turkish coffee :)

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The Turkish Kindergarten teachers I work with are so incredibly sweet… One teacher, Sevgi (which means “love” in Turkish), bought me a Turkish coffee dish set and freshly ground coffee! So I went to a local store to buy a cezve in order to make Turkish coffee. Thankfully, the internet helped me out with directions:

The coffee turned out pretty good! The only thing that was missing was a little sweet treat.


Yoros Castle

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My roommate Dilek recommended that Brooke and I visit Anadolu Kavağı for it’s beauty, food, and exploration of Yoros Castle. I’ve visited a few great places around Istanbul and this might be my new favorite place to escape the busy city of Istanbul! We hoped off the ferry around 12:30 and headed for seafood at a restaurant with a patio next to the water. The different types of fish were on a display tray and I decided on the Bonito fish- caught in the Bosphorus. It was very tender with a few spices; I definitely want to start buying fish to cook at home.

After lunch, Brooke and I hiked up the hill, led by signs labeled “Kalesi”. Since tourism is a major industry of this town, we were walking up the stairs through cafes and restaurants most of the way. When we were close to the castle, we did see a guy blowing glass in a stand next to the path and I had to buy his beautiful evil eye earrings. The evil eye is prominent in Turkish culture and I decided I need these earrings to protect me because every day at least one Kindergartener sends negative vibes my way.

The view from the castle was absolutely amazing. And I just kept thinking about how many cultures had occupied the fortress since it was built during the Byzantine empire. SO MANY people have stared/thought/dreamt/inhaled fresh air, right where I stood- very cool.

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