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I’ve arrived in my new city!


Three bags (37lbs; 40lbs; 18lbs)

I successfully prepared for my move during the month of August! Packing, shopping, research, and many e-mails and phone calls have paid off. The U.S. Department of State website has been extremely helpful for traveling and moving information.

This morning I’ve been settling into my apartment while I wait for the DHL to bring my mail. Once they arrive I will be on a mission to purchase a cell phone and calling plan so I can communicate with my roommate and fellow teachers. I’ve been dependent on e-mail and Facebook the last two days. After the running errands and exploring my neighborhood these next two days, I will begin the first orientation seminar Sunday and prepare for my teaching position at Fatih Koleji!

Thanks to my Mom for buying me a phrasebook/dictionary, I have used the following Turkish words thus far: Merhaba (Hello); Teşekkür ederim (Thank you); Hoşça cal (Goodbye)

Apartment Photos:




View from the back of the apt.


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